Leadership in Financial Inclusion

Provider: Strathmore Business School

Type: Facilitated

Duration: 5 weeks

Target audience: Entry-level, newly-promoted, and mid-level managers

About the course

This course provides participants the opportunity to learn best practices in leadership and build their management skills. The course includes modules exploring skills such as time management and personal finance, as well as intrapersonal skills such as verbal communication and relationship-building among colleagues. Participants will also learn to be effective section and department leaders by adhering to ethical entrepreneurship, personal integrity, and social responsibility. The course is delivered as a Blended Learning Course in which participants learn alongside one another at their own pace within the five-week time frame. Participants who take part in this Blended Leadership course will be guided by SBS faculty and enjoy greater responsibility and control of their learning experience.

Learning outcomes

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify their unique leadership style and characteristics they would like to embody as a leader

  2. Exercise managerial skills learnt from the modules to improve productivity in their role

  3. Communicate efficiently and effectively with colleagues to develop strong relationships

  4. Understand their impact on others through verbal communication and other means

  5. Lead teams with confidence by project virtues that their teams can mirror