How to Reach the Right Customers in the Digital Age

Provider: ACCION International

Type: Facilitated

Provider: Accion

Duration: 5 weeks (4-5 hours/week, 20-25 hours total)

Type: Cohort-based, facilitated course with self-paced content

About this course

In this course, participants will learn to leverage digital channels and new sources of data to create a customer acquisition strategy that builds customer engagement and supports institutional growth. A one-size-fits-all approach to acquiring customers can be limiting and ineffective for financial service providers, particularly those targeting the underserved.

This course will guide participants in understanding and segmenting their customers, developing value propositions and marketing messages, identifying and prioritizing channels, and executing on their sales strategy, while also providing access to resources and complete activities that will help you apply concepts to your own market. It is facilitated by one to two subject matter experts and explores five topics through videos, digital classroom discussions, reading materials, group exercises, and field research. By the end of the course, participants will have all of the tools they need to build a customer acquisition strategy for their own institution.

Target audience

Mid- to senior-level managers and decision makers actively involved in defining institutional strategies around customer acquisition, including but not limited to product designers and commercial, channel, data analytics, or marketing managers.

Course content is designed to be practical and based around institutional application. To gain maximum benefit from this course it is strongly recommended that two to three managers from the same institution take this course together.

Learning outcomes

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

1. Identify the customer segment(s) to target for products and services

2. Use data to build a value proposition for each customer segment, according to their priorities

3. Effectively reach targeted customers through a variety of digital and non-digital sales and marketing channels

4. Devise a customer-centric sales strategy leading to increased and consistent conversion rates

About Accion

Accion is a global nonprofit committed to creating a financially inclusive world through its pioneering legacy in microfinance and fintech impact investing. Accion supports financial service providers to deliver high-quality, afordable solutions at scale for the three billion people who are left out of – or poorly served by – the financial sector. For more than 50 years, Accion has helped tens of millions of people through its work with more than 90 partners in 40 countries.