An introduction to Digital Credit

Provider: CGAP

Type: Self-paced

Duration: 4 weeks (2 hours/week, 8 hours total)

Target Audience: All professional levels

About the course

Authored by industry experts within and outside of CGAP, this introductory course is designed for practitioners who aim to

plan for, design, and deliver digital credit products and services. This course offers content for multiple levels of experience.

For entry level staff members, the course provides a background in digital credit. For professionals who may already be

familiar with digital credit, the course provides tools to begin planning this new kind of service. This course includes

downloadable learning aids and resources for use on-the-job and for future reference.

Learning outcomes

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

1. Differentiate between conventional and digital credit and become familiar with different approaches to digital credit


2. Explore the basic concept of credit scoring and the process of building, using, and differentiating between different

types of scorecards for digital credit

3. Become acquainted with different types of data sources and their predictive power

4. Critique the design and product features of a digital credit service to develop important consumer protection


5. Determine the financial dynamics of digital credit, including capital requirements, costs, and loan portfolio evolution


6. Propose different partnership models for digital credit delivery